05-21 Toyota Tacoma Access/Extended Cab side steps


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side step


Pickup trucks are a popular vehicle choice for a variety of reasons. Compared to standard sedans, trucks are built with stronger bodies and are home to more-powerful engines. Pickup trucks, however, are much taller than traditional cars. This means having to climb up to your door, instead of just effortlessly sliding in. If you are having some challenges getting into and out of your tall truck, installing running boards can help. The Side Step Rails by Super Drive lets you step into your truck with ease.

side step  side step


Entering and getting off of a tall pickup truck can be a legit challenge for children, the elderly, or people with shorter statures. You need to push your leg way up into the doorway before you can enter your truck. You also have to extend your foot all the way to the ground just to get off of the vehicle. This running board is designed to provide better footing into and out of your truck.

ONLY FIT FOR Access/Extended Cab

Not sure if these side step rails will fit your vehicle? These heavy-duty running boards are made available in a variety of designs that will fit on most pickup trucks,but this side step only fit for : Access/Extended Cab.
Tired of clearing away debris from your truck's matting? These running boards and steps can double as a doormat for your vehicle, preventing dirt from getting into your cabin.
Give your truck a facelift with these running boards. They give the illusion that your vehicle is closer to the ground, creating a sleek and streamlined look.


Whenever you go cruising down the road, your vehicle's tires can kick up dirt, small rocks, and debris. Some of these can get thrown high enough to cause scratches, scuffs, or dents on your doors or panels. Aside from adding mud flaps to your vehicle, installing these running boards can also offer extra protection against rock chips and road debris that can mess up your paintwork.

side step


Restoring the fresh and spotless look of these running boards is a piece of cake. Just use regular cleaning soap and scrub down the surfaces to remove all traces of mud, grime, or dirt. Rinse it thoroughly and make sure to dry the surfaces completely so they are not too slippery. You may also use your preferred vehicle detailing solution to give the running board a fresh and brand-new look.


You make it a point to keep your truck's interior looking as immaculate as possible. However, every time you step into your truck, you also bring in dirt, small rocks, or mud from your shoes that can mess up your vehicle’s flooring. These heavy-duty running boards can be used as a doormat for people getting into your truck. Before entering your car, wipe dirt and mud off of your shoes by rubbing them against the step bar's textured surface.


Your vehicle is your reliable workhorse that accompanies you on all your trips and travels. Now is the perfect time to show your truck some love. Side step rails add a personalized touch to your pickup truck. They make your vehicle appear sleek and stylish, thanks to their modern look. Running boards also make wash day easier. Step on the rail to easily wash and clean the roof of your vehicle.