Talk about the rear cargo box of pickup trucks with or without a tonneau cover

Talk about the rear cargo box of pickup trucks with or without a tonneau cover


Pickup trucks slowly approached our vision. In the past, off-road vehicles were basically some SUVs, and pickup trucks were purely regarded as soliciting goods.

Now the pickup truck can fully meet the daily off-road needs, and can be loaded, pulled, and modified!

Pickup truck rear cargo box with or without tonneau cover., it is up to you.

Seeing such a slanted cover, many owners would say it would lose the meaning of the pickup truck.

Pickup truck rear cargo box with such a cover, storage space has not become very large? This is also the reason why it is more practical.

Before I also asked a truck owner, why to modify such a rear box cover. The answer is: to change the "play", good-looking and practical.

Yes, modify the pickup truck is also for their own pleasure, carrot and green vegetables have their own love. I actually like the square cover, such as the following Navara modified executive version of the rear trunk cover, the feeling is also very beautiful.

The editor believes that for pickup trucks, it is up to you to modify or not to modify. After all, what your pickup truck values is its practicality.

Regardless of whether it is a modification or a pickup truck, it must follow the two conditions of high cost-effectiveness and multiple functions, and you can travel around the world if you change it at will.

So, your pickup truck plus the rear trunk cover? The wind and rain can be added if you need it, and your own pickup truck should be beautiful soon after the New Year, and it doesn't matter if you don't like it.

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