Do all trucks need running boards?

Do all trucks need running boards?


For people, truck is a very dear name, people like trucks even to the point of "obsession", but it is worth mentioning that people like the truck is mostly urban truck, and the traditional hard-core off-road vehicles are very different. Many users in the purchase of urban truck, in order to decorate the car or to enhance the car's practicality, will add some "high" decorative parts to the car. One of the most popular choices is the side steps.

Many consumers who buy urban trucks are interested in the passability of urban trucks, but the fact is that the chassis height of many urban trucks is not much higher than that of cars, so is it necessary to add side steps to urban trucks or not?

Generally speaking, people install running boards for trucks only because they feel that there are the following reasons. First of all, the truck body is high, the installation of the pedal board will facilitate the passengers to get in and out of the car. In addition, the installation of running boards will make the body look wider and make the whole car look more handsome; secondly, the installation of running boards will protect the car to reduce the cuts and impacts from the side.

But the installation of running boards will reduce the ground clearance of the body, and the addition of side steps sometimes need to drill holes in the car structure, easy to hurt the chassis; at the same time, after the addition of running boards, rainy days will rub dirty pants legs; moreover, after the addition of running boards, the width of the body will increase, resulting in increased parking difficulties; more importantly, after the addition of side steps may not pass the annual audit, because the private addition of running boards is to change the body structure, therefore, the annual audit is not easy to pass.

However, as there are more trucks, some trucks can be fitted with side steps , for example, some medium and large trucks, even if they are fitted with running boards, it will not affect their passability, and some medium and large trucks and trucks with off-road performance are fitted with running boards when they leave the factory.


Therefore, I suggest that if the original car is with running boards, it is not necessary to say; if not, it is best not to add. Because from a practical point of view, the role of this pedal may not be particularly important, but if you think it is a beauty, then it is possible to install one, after all, personal aesthetics are different.

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