How to Install Dodge Ram 2009-2018 Side Step Nerf Bar By SuperDriveUSA

How to Install Dodge Ram 2009-2018 Side Step Nerf Bar By SuperDriveUSA


Step 1

Gather and check all the materials to install the side steps. The installation set should come with the side steps, brackets, nuts, bolts, plastic covers and instructions.

Step 2

Start by lying down under your driver's side door and identifying the two pre-drilled holes behind the front tire. These are the pre-drilled holes in the truck body for installing side steps. The holes will be covered by a piece of tape and are about an inch wide.

Step 3

Remove the tape from the holes and place the stud and nut plate from your installation kit in the holes you just uncovered. Tighten the plastic retainer to the stud plate until it is secure. Do this for both holes at the front of the driver's side.

Step 4

Attach the driver's side mounting bracket to the stud plates you just installed using provided hardware from your installation kit. Do not torque this hardware down yet.

Step 5

Line up the second stud from the front of the vehicle with the rocker panel hole and mounting bracket slot. Insert the bolt, washer and lock washer but again, do not torque this down tight yet.

Step 6

Remove the body mount bolt and attach the mount support bracket between the body mount and the body mount bolt assembly. The body mount bolt is located right above your head if you are lying under your truck looking at the two stud plates that you installed earlier.

Step 7

Remove the tape from the last hole located at the rear of the driver's side passenger door, if you have a quad cab. If you have a regular cab, uncover the last whole at the rear of the driver's side door. Install the stud plate and tighten the retainer until it is secure.

Step 8

Attach the rear mounting bracket and again, line up the lower hole of the bracket with the stud plate and secure. Attach the side step bars to the brackets and secure with the bolts and washers from your kit. When you are satisfied that everything is lined up evenly, torque all bolts to the specifications on your instruction sheet.

Repeat steps 2 through 8 for the passenger side installation.

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