Robotech & Macross Motorcycle Harley Bike HELMET (Red/Yellow/Blue)

Robotech & Macross Motorcycle Harley Bike HELMET (Red/Yellow/Blue)


Red Robotech Macross Helmet

Masei 911 Macross Robotech Motorcycle Open Face Collectible Bike Helmet

100% Brand New Masei Brand Helmets

“Fun helmets to ride with... Catch a lot of attention on streets... All of my friends love this helmet...!”

“ A great collectible helmets ever for motorcyclists, bikers, cosplay fans... Also affordable...”

“I am not a biker, but still love collecting this helmet for decorating my store... A great thing for home & business decoration especially for bike stores...! ”

This listing is for 100% an original and authentic Masei 911 Helmets, which are designed and manufactured by Masei and Luusama. This fun & gorgeous motorcycle bike helmets are built based on open face helmets with removable flip-up front mask and other parts, while liners and pads are removable and washable.

This is a good choice of motorcycle rally & event or even a great home/business collectible items for motorcycle bikers. Also a definitely surprising gift for friends and anyone. All people would love this great helmet.


~ ABS Shell.
~ Built Based On Open Face Motorcycle Helmets.
~ Size:
~ Removable Flip-Up Front Mask & Body Kits.
~ Removable & Washable Liner & Pads.
~ Come With A Clear Visor Shield. Tinted Visor Shields (Mirror/ Rainbow/ Darksmoke) Available For Purchase.

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